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The Spinouts UK project

This project is a listing of spinouts and start-ups from universities and HEIs across the UK, with information about their origins, their activity, their growth, and their current status, providing a regularly updated continuous time series of data.  This is the first survey to investigate this sector by taking a cumulative ‘bottom up’ approach, compiling data company by company and updating it regularly.  The project is now in its sixth year, and has benefited from the cumulative nature of the data collection, with older records completed and corrected, and new records added every quarter.  

The Spinouts UK Quarterly Journal gives news, comment, and analysis of the university commercialisation sector in general and spinouts in particular.  The tables of new spinouts, recent exits, and recent investments give an easy way of keeping in touch with developments in this sector.  

The online database of over 2,000 spinout and start-up companies can be accessed in two ways; further details are given here.

The Spinouts UK Annual Reports analyse and comment on trends in the data, and highlight successful outcomes for spinout companies as possible exemplars or case studies for improving success rates overall.  The 2016 Annual Report now available, at a price of £25; to order a copy, please email

Spinouts UK is published by Young Company Finance